Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sanrio Puroland part II

Hikari again! (●´―`●)

Guess some of you might get sick of Hello Kitty. Worry not! Because Hello Kitty also has done lots of collaboration with others and one of it is One Piece! So, what do you think about this Hello Kitty x Chopper?

Sanrio Puroland also has 3D cinema featuring One Piece. It’s basically sitting there and watch One Piece anime just that it is in 3D. It’s quite boring for me since I don’t understand Japanese and I’m not a fan of One Piece. But One Piece fans will absolutely love it. (*^-^*)

Fufufufu..another collaboration with Hello Kitty that makes me asdfghjjkjklklllk; is this \(゜∇゜)/ 
AAA wa totemo daisuki~~~<3

What’s left in Sanrio Puroland is shopping!!! You don’t have to worry about Hello Kitty merchandises being “cetak rompak” or whatsoever. And they have broad range of awesome stuff that you can’t find anywhere but in Japan because most of Kitty stuff is “For Sale in Japan only”. XD

Here are some of the Kitty merchandises

Hello Kitty rice cracker (´ε`)

Baby Kitty products

That's it for today!

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