Monday, 20 August 2012

Asakusa – Sensoji Temple


Hikaru desu.        

A famous temple in Asakusa. Just 2 stations away from SkyTree.

Before reaching the temple, there are lots of stores along the way, selling food and souvenirs. Look at all the people. People mountain people sea!! ∑(゜△゜;)

Some yummy looking dango. 

Rice crackers

Japanese souvenirs.

Since this place is a tourist spot, most of the item sold here are quite expensive LOL

We are finally here at the temple!!

Hand washing and mouth rinsing to purify yourselves before entering the temple.

Fortune telling. Don’t ask me what fortune I got because mine is confusing. XDD. Pixie got the best fortune =D

You can also buy various type of omamori (lucky charm) (eg, career, study, love, health)

Right after we're out from the temple. We saw 2 big doggie. I'm guessing is Akita inu, no?
Owner-san is kind and asked me to take photo with them since they won't bite =))

Me squatting and dog sitting = dog taller than me LOL (;゜ロ゜)

After temple visiting, it’s time for some yummy snacks.

Dango for 120.

Soda popsicles for 100.

That’s it for today!

Bye bye

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