Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Shingeki no Kyoujin getchu~

Hello minna,

It's holiday today in Japan. It's a public holiday called Showa Day.
I don't really know what is this celebration. Maybe someone can tell me about it. XDD

Anyways, since it's Japan, of course there will be lots of stuff featuring anime. And SnK is quite popular in Japan. (=´∇`=)

Got myself few of SnK stuff. ≧∇≦

First, SnK x Puccho (<-- candy)

Inside the candy, there are still little candy wrappers with different SnK scenes.

On the 25th April, Lotteria, a fast food chain in Japan launched a SnK set for ¥500. And you can choose to  have a free file or a handkerchief (while stock last). XDD

And as usual, the gacha machine is loaded with SnK too. I only got Armin and Mikasa, then don't bother playing anymore *continue onto next gacha* (^人^)

Okay that's it for today.

Golden week is coming~ Can't wait to have MOAR holiday ≧∨≦

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Books and magazines

Konbanwa minna!

Hiichan desu~ ≧∨≦

Posting some random things.

My school is quite near to Kinokuniya so I am lucky to be able to go there and stalk some books from time to time~ =3=
It was a dream come true to easily get all the latest Japanese magazines. 

Some of the magazines include freebies such as bags or accessory.

I got a cute beanie and glasses from Used Mix May issue. Also bought myself a Liz Lisa x My Melody book accompanying with a bag. (<---- the purpose was the bag LOL)

Just when I bought May issue, the June issue is out couple of days later (-_-;)

Also got myself  Atae Shinjiro's (AAA) travel book~ ≧∇≦

I got myself a Japanese calendar too (<---- very expensive (´;ω;`)). In Malaysia, you can mostly get calendar for free LOL.

Reason for buying is because I'm having hard time remembering their holidays. And of course to make note on my tests!!

I cannot believe that my school has test every week. Sometimes, 2 or 3 tests in a week (ToT). Super exhausted!!! OTL

I guess that's it for today. Gotta sleep soon, there's school tomorrow. *drag feet* ≧Δ≦

Till then...


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hanami 2014


It's April now and April reminds you of spring \(^o^)/

The best event to do during spring in Japan is sakura viewing~<3

This is the first time for me to view sakura *excited excited* (=´∇`=)

Hanami at Meguro river. They are superrr pretty~!

Spotted 2 kawaii shiba inus all dressing up. Owner-san even put on blush for her. So kyuute (*^^*)

Shiba inu and sakura. Photo taken by friend. (・∀・)

Ueno park is another popular spot for Hanami where you can enjoy picnic under the beautiful sakura tree.

Spotted a pink sakura tree that are not white ゝ(^O^)丿

A lot of people has the thought that sakura are pink. Actually, most of the sakura tree here is white in color. However,  when all of them bloom together, it sort of look little pinkish XDD

Thats it for today. Most of all the sakura has fallen already! Hope to see them again next year~  ≧∨≦

Bye bye~

Friday, 4 April 2014

My First Japanese Phone

Konbanwa minna!

I finally got my Japanese phone with Japanese number at Japan!



Seriously applying for a phone in Japan requires a lot of works and it's super troublesome!ヽ(`д´)ノ

Apparently, if you are under tourist visa or if you don't have a resident card. Applying for a phone with a Japanese number (for voice call) is totally IMPOSSIBLE!! (>Д<;)

My situation was exactly like those! I enrolled late into my school, hence my resident card got delay and couldn't process on time.
Whereas on the other hand, your worried/loving family wanted to call you and you couldn't rely on Malaysia roaming all the time because you will get charged even if you picked up the call.

So there's one way you can contact your family if they know how to use a smartphone with communication apps (LINE, Skype, Whatsapp, etc).

I think most of you has heard of B-mobile. You can buy the 1G DATA only plan (cannot voice call) at Yodabashi Camera at Akihabara for ¥3480. The plan last for 1 month and you can top up later at ¥3100 but before 10 days of the expiration date (I haven't tried to top up yet but I heard that from people). They come in various sim card sizes (normal, micro, etc).

To activate the plan you need a Japanese mobile phone to activate it. So, you can maybe pay or ask around for those who has Japanese mobile. I'm sure some nice people will help you.

Inside, you will get a simcard with a number beside the card. And inside the booklet, there is a phone number you can call to activate it. Press 2 for English language and then key in the number for the simcard.

After activation, you need to set APN settings. You can refer to this page. REMEMBER after you finish all the setting, TURN OFF your phone and ON again for it to work. (Mine didn't work for 2 days because I didn't turn off my phone LOL XDDD)

After that, you can ENJOY THE INTERNET! (=´∇`=)

HOWEVER, what if your situation was like me. My mum does not know how to use smartphone. So what left is really down to voice call.
Well, you can always ask someone who has a resident card to apply for you XD. I am super grateful  to my senpai again to help me apply a prepaid card by using his resident card. But they will not hand that simcard easily to you. You need to have their phone then they need to synchronize the sim with that phone.

Best way is to buy a cheap 2nd hand phone. (Eg. If you're applying for a Softbank sim, get yourself a Softbank phone).

But applying for prepaid sim card is not cheap.

Here's the cost you need for prepaid:
1. Cost of buying a phone
2. Cost of application fee for prepaid sim (¥3150)
3. Top up for prepaid (¥3000 or ¥5000, both last for 2months)
So to sum up, it was rougly ¥10k++

I'm not gonna say too much. I believe there are lots of guide posts on the internet regarding to Japanese phone stuff.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to ask me. I will try my best to help.

That's it for today!

おやすみ! (-_-)zzz

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Settling in Japan

Good day everyone~

Hiichan desu!

I have finally arrived in Japan few days ago.
Phew, this few days were super tired since I need to settle down lots of things (getting muscle ache everywhere ≧Δ≦)

Big reason for my muscle ache is this.
4 bags v.s. 1 person

This is totally crazy when going down the stairs at the train station. Luckily, there was a really nice Japanese guy helping me to carry them down the stairs *so touched* \(^_^)/

Once reached, moving house is also a big problem. Again, I am very lucky to have friends/senpai to help me move the house. They even bring me around buying all my house necessity o(^o^)o.

And tada!!! This is my room. It was super small lol. But I think I will get used to it.

However, not all things went smoothly!! So, I'm gonna RAGE  a little. My housemates next to me was really HORRIBLE!! ヽ(`д´)ノ
I couldn't get to sleep at all everynight because she was laughing and talking so loudly at 3am, 4am and 6am in the morning.

Not only that, she breaks all the possible rules that have been set at the house.
1. This is an all girls house but she was bringing boys to stay overnight.

2. You are only allow to bring 1 person to overnight, but she brought 2 guys with her to stay overnight.

3. Smoking is prohibited in the room, but her room smell like a smoking room that you can even smell them at the corridor. 

Well apart from her, other housemates seems ok I think (they are quiet at night time at least). I hope this horrible nightmare will end soon.

I was gonna write more but I guess I will stop  today. I  my life in Japan won't be ruined just because of this housemate. I believe there are more things for me to explore yet. (*^^*)

Till then...