Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happpy New Year!

OMG I haven't posted in my blog like FOREVER!

B-b-b-ut-but I still remember my blog. I haven't quit blogging yet. Just I have too much things, distractions and procrastinations  to do recently XDDD

Anyways, today is a special day so I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Have a GREAT and ENJOYABLE celebration!! ^__^

Went for a simple Christmas shoot few days ago.

Instead of wearing santa hat all the time for Christmas! This is what I have made~~~

Deer Headband with flowers? (<---- I lack of naming creativity -__-;)

This headband was SUPER DUPER FRAGILE!! Before the shooting start, the antlers had already broken!

First time using clay, guess I have to practice more OTL

I'm not gonna post long story.

So once again!

メリークリスマス!MERRY CHRISTMAS!! O(≧▽≦)O

We love trolling!! Together with Pixie X333. 
Have you receive your Christmas gift yet?

Photos by Int. Photography. Do support the page! ^___^

That's it for today. Have fun and enjoy the day!!

Till then Hahahahaha (<----don't even know when is the next ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━) 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Casual Photoshoot (Sailor)

Hikari desu,

First of all, I would like to say:

SOWIEEEEEEEEEEE (sorry) minna-san (everybody). (>Д<;) 

I have not update my blog like FOREVER AGAIN!!! *bang self to wall x99* OTL

This is because I am really really busy in the month of October. 

Besides than making props, attending event and going out for shoot, I'm also super busy attending Japanese classes OTL. Gonna take JLPT this December (<--- total noob (´;ω;`).

Apart from that, I have been lazying around celebrating my Birthday this month~ (;一3一)

OK enough of my lame excuses. XDD

I went for a casual shoot this time. First time in my life I'm having a casual shoot. Sort of a little nervous since I don't know what to wear and what is considered as casual (~o~)

I guess it's not really very casual due to my Lolita nature's style pffffttt *self slap* X333

Super excited that I got a chance to wear my dress that I bought in Japan during my summer visit there (not even finish posting last year trip) *bang self to wall again x9999* T^T

Here's my coordination for the shoot that day. Sorry full body will be posted later (・ε・)

Dress from Putumayo <3

And together with Shellie May (Duffy Bear) that I bought it from Disney Sea. ヽ(´―`)ノ

Was planning to have this shoot at the beach since it's sailor but SOMETHING happened so we changed location (ノД`)

Instead we shoot in grassland~~~ Hahahaha!! 

TADA here's the overall dress looked like. 

The autumn-ish feel went well with the month of October~~ (*´д`*)

Photo by Int. Photography. For more photo please visit the page and support! (*^-^*)

The grassland was really nice but........

My legs were terribly abused during the shoot by thorns, mosquitoes and bugs bites (;゜ロ゜). This was because I did not expect the shoot was at grassland LOL (sudden change of location). Should have wear boots for grassland >A<

Please don't mind my fat legs OTL

But overall pictures turned out nice so it doesn't matter (´~`)

Lastly, ohohoho random ( ̄。 ̄)y-~~. 

A photo with Shellie May. 

Crap edit by me. I am totally noob in editing so I couldn't edit the autumn-ish feel just like what Int. did. Gomen m( __ __ )m

Okay, that's it for today! Gonna go and study! Test on Monday (>Д<;). 

Till then...

Jaa ne~~

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Animangaki 2013 Day 2


I try my BEST to upload more often! (´~`)

The second day of Animangaki~!

Sadly, I did not bring my camera with me because I'm alone and it's very hard to take care of my belongings. So the less I take the better it is OTL

Therefore, I will not upload any photo of coser for Day 2. ごめん(sorry) m( __ __ )m.

For Day 2, I'll be cosing chef from Ragnarok Online 2 (RO2) since my chef only had a photoshoot before but haven't cosplayed at any event yet. (Plus, I am not gonna wear that costume and props that took forever to finish for once \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/)

Sadly, my bishie male chef, Pixie was not able to attend. So, I'll be cosing the chef alone T^T

Tada~~ another photo by Int. Photography \(^o^)/

For RO2 photoshoot post, refer here.

What I usually do at event was wondering around or standing like a stick while waiting for friends.

Guest coser, Onnies from Thailand was here on Day 2! Gonna take picture with her if I'm able to find her (*´д`*)

Gomen for no photos of cosers (I don't even know what to blog anymore). Instead I will post my photos taken by various photographers. Tee hee..tak tau malu (shamelessly) XDDD

Well start off with my producer/photographer for my RO2 photoshoot! ヽ(´―`)ノ

I think my make up looked better this time compared to photoshoot. Slightly changed a little bit. 

And TADA!!! I got my chef hat this time~ <3 (Totally forgot to bring it during the shoot) OTL

Next, super nice photo by NaNee? Photography 

This photo was one of my favourite. (=´∇`=)

I got my poring doll with me this time. (Gahhhh seems like I forgot everything for my photoshoot) OTL

Photo by Chia Yee

Bunny hammer looked like helicopter here~ ≧∇≦

Happy that got my photo taken by awesome Singapore photographer. He also shoots for King x Mon when they visited Malaysia! *bow* m( __ __ )m

Photo by Tofu-san Photography. Also another photographer from Singapore! 

Photo was taken when I was standing there like an idiot taking care of friends belongings while they were busy taking photos. Thank you so much for the photos! m( __ __ )m

Photo by J.F.C Photography. Posting this up because I like my lips here. *self slap* (x∀x)

Photo by Dato Ong Dandy. 

Super happy to meet someone who played RO2 ゝ(^O^)丿. Resting while replenishing energy after battle LOL X333

Photo by Kiwira Photography. Another awesome photographer from Singapore!

Photo was taken after I finished my lunch. 

Notice I changed my hairstyle from bun to twin tails because it was too heavy for me to support the buns. OTL

Photo by Razrig Photography

Super HAPPY that my photo was taken by Razrig. ゝ(^O^)丿I really liked all his works/photos. 

I liked this photo too but SCREW my chef hat for falling off ヽ(`д´)ノ

Lastly, also one of my favourite. <3

Photo by H.T Production.

Of course there are more photos by other awesome photographers. I'm stopping it for now because I guess everyone is bored seeing my face already XDD.

I really liked all the photos taken by all the photographers. ありがとうございました!≧∇≦

Thanks for all the hard work and thanks for taking my photo though I am not that great (*´д`*)

Have a look at their works ne? ヽ(´―`)ノ

Okie let's move on from my syok sendiri photos.

Guess who I'm able to take pic with.....
YESH! It's Onnies as Megurine Luka~~ \(*´д`*)/

She looked very pretty~ <3

Plus her manager/staff? was super friendly. He even took this photo for us and calling us kawaii LOL *self slap* XDD

He is the total opposite with those bodyguards of Reika in C2AGE 2013 (;一_一)

Together with Mayu as Kagamine Rin. (Arkk! I'm the only odd one that was not vacaloid ((((゜д゜;)))))

Okiee I think that's it for Day 2. 

Thanks to Mayu for bringing her digital camera so we're able to take picture with Onnies. 

We totally forgot to take selfie together! Σ(゜д゜|||). But lucky someone took it for us.

Our one and only photo together by Ventus Lim XDD

Overall, Animangaki was fun! I really liked the location at Sunway Convention Center because the place is easy for you to spot your friends as well as cosers. Not too cramp, not too spacious. X333

Random photo from Day 1 and Day 2

And also thanks for all the coscards~!  (=´∇`=). Did not collect much b-be-be-because I was too shy to ask for one >//////////<

Sorry that my coscards run out in Day 1 because I never make a new set. Will make new set for the next ACG event. m( __ __ )m

Okiee see you at the next ACG event!

*Run off to prepare props for the next cosplay* (・∀・)

Jaa ne!

Reported by

Hiichan <3

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Animangaki 2013 Day 1

Tadaima minna-san~!

Sorry for disappearing again.

Animangaki 2013. This marked my 1 year involving myself in ACG event in Malaysia. My first ACG event in Malaysia was Animangaki 2012. You can read it here.

Day 1 will be a simple cosplay because I am busy with work.

As usual before the actual day. I will try to costest since my wig and costume just arrived few days before Animangaki. Don't even have time to play with it >A<

Jang jang jang!!!

Can you guess what character is it? Super easy rite? ヽ(´▽`)/

Yes, it's Haruka Nanami (summer uniform ver.) from Uta-Pri (=´∇`=)

I didn't take much photo that day. 

Sorry for the bad lighting and photobomb EVERYWHERE!!! OTL

 Very cute Sasha from Shingeki no Kyojin (*´д`*)

My other syok sendiri (camwhore) pictures~~~

Sometimes, I don't even know is that really me? ((((゜д゜;))))

The "Not so Moe" facial expression. Hahahah!  Together with cute Morgiana from Magi <3

 Ohoooo~~ Composer with the rest of the STARISH members~~ ☆彡(´~`)

 Nanami with Hayato~ (*^-^*)

Of course not to forget about the sampat Lolita girls XDDD.

Cute facial expression we have there, no? \(^o^)/

Other photos of Nanami taken by photographers. Super thanks to them for their hardwork m( __ __ )m

 Photo by Wai Leong Go

Photo by Int. Photography (The "Not so Moe" expression again~ I liked it even though it looked abit emo XD)

Photo by Moka Touma. Thank you! She even editted the Nanami font \(・∀・)/

I guess that's it for today.

Will post about Day 2 some other time. XDD

Anyways, Happy Mooncake Festival to those who are celebrating. V(^0^)

Poor me T^T, no mooncake for me to eat!! OTL

Okieee till then....


Reported by Haruka Nanami desu! *self slap* (x~x)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer 2013 Lolita Meet-up

Konbanwa minna,

Hikari desu!

It's already the month of September! Time flies~~!! ... (゜O゜;)

Haven't been posting for ages because my laptop got reformatted. All of my files were gone and it took me forever to download all the drivers and plug-in for my laptop (<--- technologically retard (×_×;))

Besides, life has been really busy with all the ACG events happening for the past few weeks, preparation for the upcoming photoshooting and props/costume making for the upcoming ACG event @__@

Think I'm gonna die from exhaustion!! OTL

Anyways, just a super short update of my blog, this post has been in my daft box for like ages (feels like my blog has started growing mushroom) (・へ・)

The gathering this time is a simple gathering.

Here's the coordination of the day (^-^)

Simple one-piece from Innocent World

This time gathering was at Komugi Cafe, Pavilion~

And tada~!!\(~o~)/ Yummy looking chicken teriyaki burger! Quite nice and big portion @__@

Gomen for my burger. I just realized I forgot to snap picture after eating halfway XDD. I'm too hungry that day. ( ̄△ ̄;)

With all the kawaii Lolita girls. Not a big gathering. Just a simple lunch meet-up X333

Syok sendiri  (camwhore) session~<3 ヽ(´▽`)/

OK that's it for today. 

Will post about Animangaki 2013 in my upcoming post.

Till then..very tired. 

Oyasumi (-。-)y-゜゜゜

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ragnarok 2 Cosplay Photoshoot!

Hii-chan desu!

First of all.....

ごめんなさい (gomennasai)!!(>Д<;)

Sorry for disappearing again! m( __ __ )m

I have lots of reason for not updating my blog (here's comes the list of excuses) =___=

First, I was back to my hometown during the Hari Raya celebration and the internet access at my hometown was really limited (´;ω;`).

Second, I was in the middle of recovering from my broken heart due to the loss of all my props materials. Was in the middle of making props for my upcoming cosplay, but cleaner thought those were rubbish. So yea, all the materials had been down to the rubbish/recycle bin!!!! (ノД`)

Enough of all my lame excuses, move on to my RO2 cosplay photoshoot. This time photoshoot is just 2 persons, me and Pixie! (=´∇`=)

TADA here's the costume!

Costume for RO2 female chef. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I did not do a costest for this one since it's sort of like an original character. So you're free to put on any hairstyles that you like (but recommended are hairstyles that are available from the game). 

So here's my female chef together with my bunny weapon. For weapon tutorial, please refer here.

NOTE: I realized that I have totally forgot about my APRON and forgot to wear my cap during shooting~~~!!! Σ(゜д゜|||)

This was my second cosplay photoshoot with 2 PRO photographers. Feel less nervous this time since the number of groups and photographers are smaller (´~`)

Shooting in progress~

And here are some of the photos by each of the photographers ヽ(´―`)ノ

Cooking~ cooking~~ (ノ゜o゜)ノ. Yes, we really brought frying pan and all the veggies for shooting! OTL

Together with my handsome chef partner, Pixie (●´―`●)

To view more photos and at larger sizes, click here

Overall, super HAPPY with the photoshoot. Super thanks to photographers who made time for us at this 8AM shoot @__@. Would love to work with them again~ (=>ω<)ノ

Of course BIG thanks to Pixie who was willing to be my partner for this shoot and thanks for all the help for my last minute rushing on props and costume XDD

Lastly, thanks saikang (helper) Poh for helping us in taking care of our belongings during the shoot X33

Hope to have more photoshoot in the future and hope to improve more from each photoshoot (´ε`)


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

RO2 Weapon Making

Good day minna!

Hii-chan desu!

During these past few weeks, I have been really busy preparing props and costume for my upcoming photoshoot.

So, forgive me if you noticed that I have not been updating frequently (not like it's always updated anyways) OTL

My props and costume were all done for now, so here I am, having extra time in updating my blog. I'm a failed blogger m( __ __ )m.

OK back to RO2, Ragnarok online 2 (RO2) was a BIG HIT when the game was announced in English. Yes, I got hooked up with the game when it was released and so I decided to make a cosplay of RO2.

Sadly, I no longer played RO2 because I don't have enough time and the game started to get really boring for me. (>Д<;)

For those who are interested in this game, you can refer to my previous post, here.

I guess everyone who played Ragnarok Online 2 will know what weapon I'm making straight away with this picture!

It's the bunny hammer used to capture monster! I'll be making this props as my weapon in my RO2 cosplay!

Reason was this weapon is the most universal weapon used for all of the classes. Don't need to go through the trouble on deciding whether to make a staff, wand, bow or sword LOL XDD.

So, I'll  post some picture of this weapon making tutorial for those who are interested in making it. 

Here's the completed hammer~~!! ゝ(^O^)丿

Gomen ne, that it does't look alike and the color was abit off too OTL. I have tried my best and this is the best material and closet color that I can get from my place. (´;ω;`)

Well, I guess most people will begin with draft in their props making, just like my previous AKB0048 mic tutorial where I drafted out all the cutting, etc.

However, for this I did not make any draft at all, SCREW all those drafting, not like I have lots of time!! (ノ゜o゜)ノ

Hahahaha (*゜―゜)... 

Just kidding, drafting is important for some props but I don't think this weapon is necessary.

OK first, the rod/stick part. I used manila paper in making it, I used the whole length of the manila because the rod was supposed to be long.
Make it into cylindrical shaped. 

I made 1 cylindrical rod from the manila paper. First layer was tapped with cloth tape and then glue the second cylindrical rod on it. 

For the layering part, it really depends on individual (optional). I prefer 2 layering with cloth tape in between because it gives you a better grip and more sturdy with cloth tape in between but the rod will be heavier compared to 1 layer. XDD

NOTE that the top part is smaller compared to the bottom. Just used smaller measurement for the top part and a larger measurement for the bottom part. Refer to AKB0048 post for the draft.  

Next, will be the sphere shaped-thingy that covered the bottom of the rod. This one is easy to find. Just get a gacha ball from the gacha machine. ≧∇≦

The first half of the sphere for the bottom and another one for the top part of the hammer! (゜∇゜)

So, you will get something like this.

OK the next part will be the bunny head and ears!

For the bunny head, just get a container that is cylindrical/sphere shaped (something that looked similar like a head XDD)

Spray the container with white spray and let it dry.

While waiting, move on with the ears' part.

The ears' part took me sometime in figuring them out. PLEASE IGNORE the wired-ears in the previous picture. That one was a failed attempt OTL.

So, for the ears' part, I used kenzone card instead of manila paper because kenzone is a harder material and  are able to bend without looking crocked unlike manila. 

In order to allow the ears to stick on the container, you need to make sure the width of the ears are thick enough for you to stick. 

That's what explained my failed wired ears because the width was too small and couldn't stick on the container. (>Д<;). 

I used sponge to to fill in the width. And then cover the sponge with the kenzone cut out. Don't forget to spray the ears with paint too!

After that, stick both ears to the container with glue gun and you will get something like this....~~~

And then you can start painting/drawing the face of the pedo bunny!  (。┰ω┰。) 

OK the next part, head of the hammer which is also the HARDEST part because this took me forever to figure out what material I should be using. I failed so many times trying to make the crinkled effect. 

Finally I used dog/cat food bowl to substitute it. The effect was not that good but that is the best material I can find. X333

Bought 4 of them and stick them together with glue gun and you will get something like this.

HOWEVER, I removed one of them, making them 3 because it was too long and too heavy. My completed picture above is the one with 3 bowls.

A better material for the head of the hammer will be the balloon foot pump but I have searched few places and couldn't find it. 

But few days later (after already completed everything and shoot was done), I found it in Daiso!!!! $#%$$%%&&%^@##$%&&(*)$#%$ *flip table* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

OK for the rest of the parts, basically just connect each and every one of them with glue gun.

I did not snap picture of these making because I was rushing to finish the hammer and was totally forgot about it. Gomen m( __ __ )m.

1. Grey holder: Used kenzone card to make it. Basically make a cylinder shape of it but make sure to make a hole at the bottom of the cylinder so that you can fit the hammer rod in. 

NOTE, I used sponge to support both the bunny and the hammer head (not good in explaining (。-_-。)). I sandwich the sponge with the bunny and hammer head, just like how I sandwich the bunny ears. If not, it will fall apart with only the grey card being the only support. Just like the grey holder, make a hole in the middle of the sponge so that the rod can pass through it as well. Glue the rod along the sponge hole for support!

2. Decoration: Used kenzone card. Spray, draw and glue on it.

3. Top sphere: Used the remaining gacha sphere, Paint and glue on it. 

Below are the paints and sprays that I used for the hammer.

Hope this crappy tutorial help. OTL

Will post my RO2 shooting next time~

Till then...jaa ne~! ヽ(´―`)ノ