Saturday, 29 December 2012

Comic Fiesta Day 1

Good day minna,

Luka Megurine reporting! =p

The day is finally here, CF!!!!

To be honest I did not fully prepare for CF.

Got my dress last minute, bought my boots and contacts last minute, got the balloon on that day…

Everything was LAST MINUTE!!! (>Д<;)

Even my coscard was last minute!! I printed a new coscard since I had run out of coscard during AFA SG.

The only thing that was not LAST MINUTE is my CF entrance ticket! Bought them during Animangaki (´―`)ノ. No longer need to wait for long queue like I did in AFA SG.

This time, it’s my second time cosplaying and it isn’t that great. Gomen m( __ __ )m

Here’s my Luka from Just Be Friend.

Only attended Day 1 for half-day but as usual, it’s always people mountain people sea during ACG event. (;゜ロ゜)

OK let’s have a little look what we have in CF.

Culture Japan by Danny Choo

Vocaloid figurines

Most of the photos were not taken in a very nice angle due to packed environment! (´>ω<`)

Due to super packed environment inside the hall, we decided to go out and have a couple of shoots. And here’s my partner today! Pixie cosing as Luka’s boyfriend in Just Be Friend.

Wahaha, I looked super SHORT & FAT in this photo due to the slopy ground XDD

 I did not take much photo of myself in Day 1. Too much of me in my previous AFA SG post. Hmm, guess you’re tired of it rite? XD So here you go, more photos of cosplayers!

 Tengu from Kamisama Hajimemashite!!!! ≧∇≦

OK one more photo of us. Hehe (´~`)
Rilakkuma is just too kyuuuteee! (●´―`●)

Guess that’s it for today.

Stay tune for CF Day 2.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Lolita Tea Party @ Parkamaya

Merry Christmas minna! (゜∇゜)

Hikari desu!

Attended Parkamaya Lolita Tea Party at Fahrenheit 88 during Christmas!

Was a lovely tea party with nice set up. Cupcakes, sweets and tea were sponsored by Green Room and Coffee Stain. (˘⌣˘)

Not many turn up due to Christmas date and event (>Д<;) but we still manage to have lots of chit chatting and sampat-ing (too much hype from the recent Comic Fiesta event. Will blog about it in the coming post!!) XDD

Meanwhile we also took picha with lovely shoppers @ Parkamaya! (゜∇゜)

And of course syok sendiri is a MUST during Lolita meet up ≧∇≦

Short post for today (too tired =__=) but would love to thanks all the Parkamaya staffs for their hard work in organizing this event (´ε`). Hope there will be more events coming up in the future! =D

Remember to pay them a visit, click here.

Ok that’s it!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! (=゜ω゜)ノ

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's here Ragnarok 2!!

Hello minna,

Hii-chan desu,

Sorry for disappearing for such a long time.

Life seems to be always busy XD.

Anyways, fans of Ragnarok, after a few years of waiting....the awaited moment is finally here...

Ragnarok 2!!

And here's a short video of the game

As a fan of Ragnarok, this game is a MUST play game.

Here's their official webiste, click here

They just launched Closed Beta (CBT) and today (12th Dec) is the final day for Closed Beta. Not sure when will be the date for Open Beta (OBT).
I played few days during CBT and I chose acolyte as my character since supportive character is the only character that I can sort of play well in any online game. (>Д<;). I tried others attacking characters but am suck in it.

However, it seems like aco/priest are more useless in this game. Need party for leveling if not, it will take you forever to kill a monster. Previously in RO, aco/priest is able to solo by healing undead. Not sure it is applicable for this game or not since I'm still noob in RO2 and I hope it can! =D

So far, the game is ok with very nice graphic and the music was not bad either (still prefer RO's music).
One thing that I dislike is that the game is Free To Play (F2P). Not sure why though but F2P games usually don't last long for me.

Unlike RO, it has quests like any other usual online games, no more Novice system, added in Life Job (sort of  interesting one! (゜~゜))

For the character design, the boy character is not bad with lots of cool hairstyle. However, for the girl character, it feels like all the hairstyle looked 'so so' to me. (-_-)

The game system is totally different with RO and is more similar to any other online games these days. But, it's useless to compare, we'll see how it goes and hope this game will be getting better and better. ≧∇≦

For more information regarding to job and game system, refer to this page

That's it for today and happy playing!! ゝ(^O^)丿

Friday, 30 November 2012

Hair coloring day with Liese~

Konbanwa minna,

Hii-chan desu,

Just a quick update since my blog has been dead for a week already. XD

I hate it everytime my black hair grows back, making my hair looked ugly with my previous dyed hair.

And, it's getting annoying to go to salon everytime to redye my black hair, so why not dye it myself at home (゜∇゜).  Plus I’m a cheapskate (>~<)

It's my third time dyeing my hair with Liese by KAO.

The price is quite affordable. I usually get my Liese product at Watson for about RM30+.

Since I’m lazy to redye my regrown hair everytime, I usually buy colours that are almost similar with my regorwn hair.

This time I have chosen a lighter colour compared to my previous two (Classic chocolate and Dark chocolate).

Chesnut brown

It’s easy to use, just like a shampoo. Apply on it and wait for roughly 30 minutes. There’s an instruction paper inside with 3 different languages (English, Malay and Chinese).

The box also comes with a sensitivity test in case you’re allergic to the dye.

OK this is how the dye looks like after mixing. There are more than this LOL. I have used half of it already. XD

Sometime it's fun to dye your hair by yourself because you can always do lots of stupid things that you can’t do in the salon.

Hmmm..something like this…

Tsunomon look alike!!! (ノ≧∇≦)

After washing and dried, this is how it looks like.
Hmm..close enough with black (my regrown hair) ((((>д<;))))
Don't mind me in my pajamas and suppin (no make up) face (-_-)

Overall it comes out almost similar with the colour shown in the picture just slightly darker for mine.

There are more colours available. The lighter colour seems really pretty.

Will try out more colour next time. Hopefully a lighter one ≧∇≦

That’s it for today.

Lastly, welcome December! (^O^)丿

Thursday, 22 November 2012

AFA SG 2012 day 3

Konbanwa minna,

Hikari desu!

Sorry for my slow update. Life has been quite busy these days. @.@

Before I start reporting about AFA day 3, I spotted myself as Mirai-chan in Danny Choo’s blog LOL!! (●´―`●)

OK, back to day 3 (final day) for AFA.

Sadly, we only have half day for Day 3 because we have to catch our flight back to Malaysia in the late afternoon. (>Д<;)

Anyways, day 3 is my Lolita day and here’s today coordination.

Uniform Lolita (sailor version) O≧∇≦O

We don’t have enough time for stage event, so we’re only staying in the festival hall. That’s why we regretted buying F+S ticket for Sunday \(T^T)/.

Today is the final day so let’s hunt for more cosplayers as well as coscards!!!! (^O^)丿

First thing we spotted straight away is......PEDO BEAR!!


Spotted another Toma from Amnesia. Where is the rest!! イッキはどこですか?( ゜Д゜)

Lovely Sakura <3

Uooowwhhh!! 高い!!

 Classic yet kawaii chobits ^__^

 Shinsengumi from Gintama?

 Vocaloid! But where's Miku?? (;゜ロ゜). First time Miku is not spotted in vocaloid group XDD

MOE MOE K-on (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Saw a super kawaii girl, not sure what she is cosplaying though. 
She's supaaaa kyutteee desu ne!

Meet our Malaysia Lolita Club (MLC) bossu, Aiko~~!! ≧∇≦

Must take picha~~!!

With kawaii Pixie in pinku pinku dress~~!! (´ε`)

It’s the last day of AFA but we haven’t meet any celebrity cosplayers to take picture with (´;ω;`)

But..fufu…after a few time of roaming around the festival ground. We spotted Akatsuki and Judy!

Akatsuki as Luka and Judy as Miku!
Even though we didn’t get the chance to take photo with them. It’s good enough to get their photo as well as..gege..their coscard!! ≧∇≦
Goshh both of them are sooooo pretty!!!! \(*^O^*)/

Clock is ticking, we gotta go soon LOL XDD..need to speed up the roaming, look for more cosplayers and collect coscards.

Hehehe.. guess we’re lucky till the final day!

Guess who we spotted?

Reika-san as Jinguji Ren from Uta-pri!! ( ゜∀゜)(゜∀゜ )☆★

Fufu..lucky me, got to take picha with Reika-san. とても嬉しいな~~(˘⌣˘)

私はReikaさんと一緒にMOE POSE をします!!(Doing the MOE pose together with Reika-san) ヽ(´―`)

Fufufu...later on, we exchanged coscards and I got Reika-san signed coscard!! (=>ω<)

Same thing with the previous post, there are more pictures but this post will be never ending if I post all of them up here.

Overall, it was a fun experience. (´∀`)
First time attending AFA and also first time cosplaying. Hope I have the chance to cosplay more and improve on it. XD

AFA SG is a reason/excuse for me to visit Singapore one more time (last time was when I was a kid?, CANNOT REMEMBER LOL XDD).

Glad that I met lots of new friends from Singapore and other countries, as well as passionate Malaysian friends who travel all the way to Singapore for AFA!

I run out of coscards half way on day 3. Gomenasai for those people who request for it but I tarak liau. Will print more next time! >A<

Finally, here’s the result of my coscards hunting for AFA SG!
Hmm…I guess it’s not bad already considering it's my first coscard hunting! (゜∇゜)

Thanks all cosplayers for their coscards. (*´д`*)

Supaaa love Akatsuki and Judy kawaii coscard. PONPONPON version~~!! (=´∇`=)

And of course, Reika signed coscard~~!!!

UWAHHH shiawase day~~!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Okieeee that’s the end of AFA SG 2012.

See you guys in the next coming ACG event, Comic Fiesta (CF) at KLCC this 22nd and 23rd Dec!

Note: I don’t have any plan for CF yet!!! GOSH, only 1 month left!!! ( ̄□ ̄;)