Monday, 13 August 2012

Yokohama – Yamashita Park

Hikari again.

Continuation from the previous post.

Here we are at Yamashita Park, a few walking distances from Chinatown. It’s a beautiful place.

Hikari with the Guardian of Water. Lots of school kids coming here for excursion. Can you spot a few of them? 

It’s a park facing the ocean, that’s why it’s looks awesome. Behind me is the Hikawa Maru museum. Too bad we didn't visit the museum T__T

The friendship between girl scout Japan and the USA. Ohh and also Hikari as the busybody \(゜∇゜)/

Beautiful rose garden before the rainfall. X.X

We somehow manage to find a shelter at the vending machines. While waiting for the rain to stop, why not buy something from the vending machine since Japan is famous with their vending machine LOL XD

Look at the rows of vending machine they have!!! 

Fufufu..another interesting we spotted in Yamashita Park.

That’s it for today.

p/s: I'm such an idiot. I just realised that you can adjust the size of your picture (small to large). >___<

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