Thursday, 16 August 2012

Yokohama – Red Brick Warehouse & Minato Mirai

Here’s the rest about Yokohama post.

Here we are at the Red Brick Warehouse. The view certainly looks like you’re in some Ah Mo country.

Don’t get fooled by its look. These buildings are not warehouse. It’s actually a shopping place.

Okay, here’s how inside look like.

Various armband representing the country. Too bad, I couldn’t find Malaysia armband. (´Д⊂ Guess Malaysia is not famous enough or they can’t find a suitable colour to represent it.

Various coffee bean and the coffee they make smells good. Btw, I'm allergic to coffee LOL. So no coffee for me >___<

The making of curry pan (bread).

They also sell lots of unique home decoration.

Super love the UK themed suitcase <3

Look how creative it is. Using underwear as mail storage. Next time you can recycle your underwear and do this as well. LOL XD

Next stop Minato Mirai~

I don’t know why, but this view reminded me of Crown in Melbourne >__<

My reason for coming to Yokohama was to ride on this super awesome Ferris Wheel. (Due to the influence of Honey and Clover, I'm a fans of Ferris Wheel!! XD)

That day was super unlucky due to terrible rainy weather. Ferris wheel close at 7.00pm. (;´д`)

In order to ease my unsatisfactory mood, we decided to have some yummy food facing the ferris wheel!(=´∇`=)

That’s the end of Yokohama journey. Nice places bad weather. T___T

Oh ya, from the post above about the armband, actually Malaysia is not unfamiliar in Japan because this is what we saw when we’re in Yokohama. 
Sugoi deshou? (=゜ω゜) Go! Go! Malaysia

That’s it for today.


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