Saturday, 25 August 2012

Animangaki 2012 Day 1

Konbanwa minna,

Hikaru desu!

First time attending anime event in Malaysia, also my first time attending Animangaki.  The event was held in Sunway Convention Center.

Was planning to go on Sunday but after a few hours of hesitation, I decided to go and look how’s Malaysia anime event looks like. Yeahhh for the decision!! (=´∇`=)

Here’s today coordination before going.

Arrived really late around 4pm++ (due to few hours of hesitation XDDD). Therefore, Hikaru is being cheapskate and does not plan to buy any entrance ticket. 彡`∀´)

Here are some photos during Animangaki 2012 Day 1

Tonnes of cosplayers. 2300++ tickets were sold out on the first day!!!!!

Today’s cosplayer that receive most of the attention. 
Here comes chibi Miku!! Kawaii desu ne <3

Spotted a group of cosplayers that make me asdsfdgfhgjhkjhkkjl (゜△゜;)

Hikaru present you!!!!

黒子のバスケ!!(Kuroko no Basket)

Fans of Kuroko no Basket, can you spot anything lack/extra from this picture?

MOAR 黒バス!!!Depressed version ((((゜д゜;)))) 

Later on, I spotted Kagami wondering around LOL!! 火視はかっこいでしょう?

Yesss!! After coming back from Japan, I’m addicted to Gacha~~ (´з`)y-
With Pixie <3

Together with 2 leng lui’s (*^-^*).  Which bunny ears hurt the most? Left? Right? (゜~゜)

There are more photos but it’s in someone else camera LOL. How stupid am I when someone requested to take photo, I should have taken it with my own camera as well. Hmmppfff (;´д`)
Hopefully will not repeat the same mistake tomorrow.

Last but not least, with the most legend character, ULTRAMAN!!!! I dunno what I’m posing, perhaps POWER RANGER? XDDD

That’s it for today’s Hikaru report on Animangaki.

Hikari will be attending tomorrow’s Animangaki!

Till then…


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