Monday, 21 January 2013

Pancake Feast @ The Pancake Parlour ♥


Such a long time I have disappeared from the world~~

Hii-chan desu!

Was busy playing RO2 LOL XD till I fall sick but still noob in the game (´;ω;`)

That’s one of the reasons of my disappearance, the other reason was…

Chinese New Year is almost here!! Was busy shopping for new clothes and material hunting for my next Lolita dress X333

Anyways, who loves PANCAKE here???
I DO!!!

A short post today because I suddenly missed Australia’s pancake from the Pancake Parlour~~

Too bad there’s no Pancake Parlour in Malaysia.

I guess Pancake Parlour is the only place where you can go yum cha with friends during late night hour. This is because most of the stores in Melbourne, Australia closes at 9-10pm.

And I’m SUPER HAPPY that now they have 24 hours Pancake Parlour store! (Not all outlets though, this is in East Malvern). 
Here tarak mamak so this is considered at Australian mamak? Instead of roti canai, they have pancake!!  ≧∇≦

The environment is really vintage! (Forgot to snap picture, gomen m( __ __ )m)

Here a quick glance on the menu! For me, the pancake is not cheap though especially when the price is converted to Ringgit @.@. 1 plate of pancake = roughly RM45++!!
It’s hard to see the price from the picture. To view the full menu and prices, you can visit their website here.
If you are a cheapskate and want to eat at Pancake Parlour, it is advisable to get this discount docket behind your shopping receipt if you happen to buy anything from their supermarket (Coles/Woolworths). Buy 1 free 1 (´~`)

Okie let’s enjoy the PANCAKE FEAST!!!

Alice in Wonderland! Yes, I ordered it for the name! XD

Strawberry was in season that time, so here you go, Fresh Strawberries!

Here comes the choco pancake. Chocolate Jubilee~~

And lastly, Hot Buttered Walnuts~~
Someone is impatient enough and already dig in the pancake (゜△゜;)

And hot chocolate with marshmallows is a PERFECT drink in the middle of the night of the chilly summer season! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Overall, everything there was YUM! If you want me to choose, I would recommend Fresh Strawberries. Not too sweet with a little sweet & sour taste from the combination of ice cream and strawberries. 

Uwahhh, after finish writing about this post, I feel like having Pancake Parlour now~~ (>Д<;)

That's it for today!

Am gonna go and dream bout my pancakes in my dream tonight!


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Comic Fiesta Day 2

Happy New Year 2013 minna!

Hikari desu!

Continuation from CF (´―`)

Day 2 is Lolita day where I gonna meet up with the rest of the kawaii Lolita girls~! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Here’s today coordination, Bunny Tea Party JSK by me?

Since CF is near to Christmas, I have santa hat and santa bag as my accessory! (=゜ω゜)

I bought the fabric from Japan, designed it and got it tailored.

Here’s the before and after of the JSK.

Let’s go to Lolita meet up!! (^O^)丿

With Pixie<3

Meeting up with the rest of the girls~

Aren’t we kawaii?? Wahahaha, tak tau malu ≧∇≦

Owh before we go on, I forgot to capture CF stage. So, here you go…

I did not have the chance to enjoy any stage event because the stage was TOO CROWDED since it was located at the same hall with the booths. No place to sit at all!! Plus, I think most of the stage events are BORING! (o).

So, rather than spending time at the stage, let’s hunt for more coscards and cosplayers (´~`)

 Sexy Reborn in female version~<3


 Supa kawaii Kuroshitsuji cosplayers from Bangkok, Thailand! (´―`)

 Group of Persona cosplayers

Too many to upload!! Guess that’s it. (>Д<;)

Overall of my coscards hunting…I got more than AFA SG! \(゜∇゜)/

Even though I did not cosplay as Mirai in this CF, was still happy to receive Danny Choo’s signature! (*^-^*)

Again, Happy New Year everyone!

Hope this year, 2013 will be better than 2012.

Last year was a GREAT year for me! (=´∇`=)

Please take care of me as well from this year and onward!

What’s your new year resolution?

Till then...

Jaa ne~