Monday, 27 August 2012

Animangaki 2012 Day 2

Good day,

Hikari desu!

It’s the second day of Animangaki.

I woke up early at 8.30 AM to get prepared but only manage to leave the house at 12PM++Don’t ask me what I did within these few hours (-_-). Blame the breakfast, it took so long.  HAHAHAHA (`д´). Nah I’m lying..

Here’s today coordination for Day 2 Animangaki. 
First time wearing Lolita dress (Dreamy Pony) and it's from Baby The Stars Shine Bright (BTSSB). Yes I know it’s not perfect, I’m still a noob. (´;ω;`)

This time I purchased ticket, so I can finally enter the hall (゜∇゜).
This is how inside looked like. People mountain people sea !!

Inside the hall, you can watch various performances and competitions. There are also lots of booths where you can get various anime goodies.

One of the contestants participating in the idol competition.  
She was singing ‘Sky Chord’ by Tsuji Shion, ending song for Bleach. I missed that song. It’s really nice and she has a good voice too =D.

Performance by a band called ‘Reborn’. They managed to hype up the audiences. (´―`)

Duet cosplay competition.
You wouldn’t believe people cosplaying Batman and Joker in Animangaki LOL..but their acting skills was quite good and funny XD

While I’m there, it’s time for some Lolita meeting  LOL

Lolita groupie photos. I’m the only one wearing OP LOL. Should have bought JSK instead of OP and sorry for the bag ( I even carry my bag the other way round!!!). Usually Lolita bags are so small that they can’t fit in everything I have. (>Д<;).   

Hikaru told me about the mistake of not taking photo when someone requested to take your photo. So this time Hikari is being smart (a little).

Anyways, MOAR picture with fans kawaii girls together with Pixie~~(*^-^*)
I swear all the girls are so petite and kyuteee. I looked like a giant standing next to them (ノД`). 
Besides, notice that in all the pictures, there’s only 1 picture where I have my bag on the correct position with ribbon facing the camera. 
I think the ribbon is too shy to face the camera. =____=

I think Sunday has more people since it’s the last day of Animangaki.

Saw lots of awesome cosplayers.

As usual Kuroko no Basket is sooo popular nowadays which is a GOOD THING (゜~゜)
Kuroko cosplayer looks so cute, like a baby XD. However, we still miss a person~~~~ (;´д`).     

With Aomine and Kuroko. Gahhhh, I even looked like a giant when standing with them. 
I just noticed that Kuroko is carrying Tetsuya no.2. Just then I was complaining wondering why there’s no one cosplaying Tetsuya no.2 since he is soooo cuteeee~~<3.

While taking a break, looking for something to drink. We spotted this cute fellow from Dooodolls. =D

Okay back to Animangaki!

I was wondering will someone be cosplaying Arcana Famiglia since the anime are currently airing and it’s quite famous among the Japanese fangirls. 
And then I spotted Luca!! Σ(゜д゜|||)Luca among others members!!! I thought it will either be Liberta or Nova since they have more screen time. 
But it’s good since I like Luca the best among all the other characters (influence from Gilbert, Pandora Heaart?).

I’m a chicken and super afraid of ghosts. But currently I’m playing a horror game called Ib.  
Yes, it makes me scream like hell everytime something scary appears. 
My family members complained that I suddenly scream in the middle of the night making them can’t go to bed X33.

Anyways, I’m so happy that someone cosplayed character from Ib (´―`

Lolita with Disney princess (=´∇`=)

More awesome cosplay by awesome cosplayers

Persona 3 and 4

Isis from Ragnarok

Angels Beat

Hatsune Miku

There are more but it will take me forever if I want to upload them all. There are lots of other characters that I don’t know about.  >___<

That’s the end for Animangaki 2012. Overall I loved it, it was fun and the cosplayers were awesome. The person there were really friendly and nice.

Just that the place where the event was held  is abit small. The hall is abit small making it hard to walk around the booths and the audiences have to stand to watch the show unlike Melbourne Manifest where you can sit. But I still like it more than Melbourne Manifest (´>ω<`)

Fufufu, bought my ticket for the coming comic fiesta which is in 22-23 Dec at KLCC.

That’s all for Hikari's first anime event report in Malaysia.

See you next time! 


  1. Hi!

    I found a photo of Snow White and Princess Aurora with two pretty lolita girls!

    Nice to meet you =)

    I was the Snow White ^^


  2. Hello~~ ^____^

    Good to see you here!
    Your Snow White was awesome!! <3