Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sanrio Puroland part I

Hikari desu!

Whenever you think of Hello Kitty, you'll think of Japan. So when you’re in Japan, you’ll eventually wanna visit the home of Hello Kitty, “Sanrio Puroland”. 

Sanrio Puroland is like everyone childhood dreams =D. Most of the visitors are kids and baby compared to Tokyo Disneyland since they are more colorful/kawaii and has less scary rides. Trust me some children can't stand scary rides. One of the little kid starts crying really loud when Donald Duck got hit by hammer and washed with water in 3D cinema. (*゜―゜)

Just inside Sanrio Puroland, there’s this kawaii wishing hut where you can write any wishes. I’m not sure whether the wishing hut has always been there or is it because Tanabata is approaching. It’s a festival about Orihime and Hikoboshi and in this festival; the Japanese write their wishes and hang it on the bamboo branch.

Most of the wishes are in Japanese.  Since my Japanese sucks so badly (practically don’t understand anything) and I can’t think of any particular wish to wish for. So, this is what I have done (゜~゜)

Everything inside Sanrio Puroland is full of kawaiiness.

The structures of the buildings

Hello Kitty and Friends performance

Even the toilet sign looks kawaii (゜△゜;)

One of the best attractions that I like the most is the Hello Kitty house.  Here’s a photo with Pixie at the Hello Kitty house, she’s a big fan of Hello Kitty. Kawaii deshou? (*^-^*)

I wish this is my house. It’s totemo kawaii inside the house! Here's some photos.

A Hello Kitty phone

Hello Kitty and friends photos. Notice that the design at the key hole of the door is also Hello Kitty shaped ((((゜д゜;))))

Hello Kitty room and her BED!!!! I wish I have room like this. It’s shooo kyuteee!!

Here’s the overall room. It’s all in PINK!!! By the way, pink is Hikari’s favorite colors (・ε・)

I think I’m gonna stop for today since the post has too many pictures. (>ω<)

Will continue the second part next time!

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