Thursday, 2 August 2012

Akihabara - Otaku Wonderland

Good day,

Hikaru desu!

For people who love games, anime and manga. Akihabara is a MUST GO places when you visit Tokyo.

Can you spot P4?
Can you spot maid poster?
Can you spot poster with Malaysia flag? XDD

Interested in what they sell in Akihabara? Here’s a targeted building that we decide to investigate! (ノ゜o)ノYoshh!!

Here’s a closer look of the building. Realized that the whole building sells anime/manga stuff! Let’s have a look what’s inside it. *mysterious music playing* 彡`∀´)

Here are some photos

To be honest, up till now (photo above) I don't have a single clue about what  anime characters  are those.
I noticed that most of the merchandises sold here are targeted towards boys. 
But here’s something for the girls. Hetalia, Atelier and AMNESIA! (´∀`). 

I’m not sure whether we are allowed to take pictures inside the building or not, but no one stopped us. X333 Other interesting stuff that you can find in Akihabara….

Gundam Cafe

And not forget that Akihabara is mostly dominated by AKB48


Can you spot Mayuyu? (*^-^*)

Can you spot AKB48 rival?

You can also find various costumes in Akihabara. Can you imagine girls wearing this uniform? Kawaii deshou?

What about if it’s man in this uniform? Can you imagine?
TADA!!! Still kawaii? (゜~゜)

Another thing that you should do in Akihabara is experiencing maid café. We wanted to visit one but most of the maid café is full and Hikaru only prefer non-smoking places. >___<

So what do you think about Akihabara? 

Girls, don’t have to be disappointed. Hikaru will bring you to Otomeland next time ъ(`―゜)

Till then, jaa ne! =D

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