Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sky Tree

Hikaru desu…

Have not been posting for few days because I got sick. Terrible sore throat, runny nose and having trouble sleeping at night ( TДT).

So today post will be quite short.

Finally visited Sky Tree which opens to public since May 2012.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t purchase ticket for the top observatory spot because tickets are SOLD OUT until 29th July!!! And the day we went there was on the 2nd June (;゜ロ゜)||

So the furthest we can reach is 33th floor where you can observe Tokyo view for free.

Here’s the day view of Tokyo. Sugoi deshou? XD

Hikaru-kun and the boys at Sky Tree  (・∀・

Besides viewing, Sky Tree area also has lots of other stuff to do so you won’t get bored.

That’s it for today. Jaa ne!

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