Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sanrio Puroland part I

Hikari desu!

Whenever you think of Hello Kitty, you'll think of Japan. So when you’re in Japan, you’ll eventually wanna visit the home of Hello Kitty, “Sanrio Puroland”. 

Sanrio Puroland is like everyone childhood dreams =D. Most of the visitors are kids and baby compared to Tokyo Disneyland since they are more colorful/kawaii and has less scary rides. Trust me some children can't stand scary rides. One of the little kid starts crying really loud when Donald Duck got hit by hammer and washed with water in 3D cinema. (*゜―゜)

Just inside Sanrio Puroland, there’s this kawaii wishing hut where you can write any wishes. I’m not sure whether the wishing hut has always been there or is it because Tanabata is approaching. It’s a festival about Orihime and Hikoboshi and in this festival; the Japanese write their wishes and hang it on the bamboo branch.

Most of the wishes are in Japanese.  Since my Japanese sucks so badly (practically don’t understand anything) and I can’t think of any particular wish to wish for. So, this is what I have done (゜~゜)

Everything inside Sanrio Puroland is full of kawaiiness.

The structures of the buildings

Hello Kitty and Friends performance

Even the toilet sign looks kawaii (゜△゜;)

One of the best attractions that I like the most is the Hello Kitty house.  Here’s a photo with Pixie at the Hello Kitty house, she’s a big fan of Hello Kitty. Kawaii deshou? (*^-^*)

I wish this is my house. It’s totemo kawaii inside the house! Here's some photos.

A Hello Kitty phone

Hello Kitty and friends photos. Notice that the design at the key hole of the door is also Hello Kitty shaped ((((゜д゜;))))

Hello Kitty room and her BED!!!! I wish I have room like this. It’s shooo kyuteee!!

Here’s the overall room. It’s all in PINK!!! By the way, pink is Hikari’s favorite colors (・ε・)

I think I’m gonna stop for today since the post has too many pictures. (>ω<)

Will continue the second part next time!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Tokyo Disneyland!

Hello everyone,

Hikari desu!

One place that you should visit when you’re in Tokyo is Tokyo Disneyland!

Bought our one day entrance ticket for 6200 (it’s a bit pricy but it’s totally worth the money) (=´∇`=).

They’re having an event called Easter Wonderland when we visited Tokyo Disneyland. So, most of the decorations are Easter themed.  I’m not sure why it’s still Easter in June even though Easter has long passed.

In my opinion, Tokyo Disneyland is much better than Hong Kong Disneyland due to a few reasons (can’t compare with other Disneyland since I have never been there (>w<)!!)
      1. Both Disneyland has awesome Disney shows but Tokyo has more Disney characters that you can’t find in Hong Kong (well yes for me when I was visiting HK Disneyland few years ago, not sure bout now). Guess most of you guys has totally forgot bout these guys.

2. The best thing in Disneyland is their magical and awesome parade!! Tokyo Disneyland has 3 parades per days!!!!

Look at Woody in those kawaii bunny ears!! (‘’)

3.Super polite, friendly and enthusiastic workers! I notice worker in theme park usually has this “muka hitam” aura because I know working in the theme park is tiring especially during hot sunny day, noisy and crowded with people. However, they always put on a smile on their face and ready to serve you. For example, they’ll wish you "itterashai" when you’re leaving them for the ride (eg. roller coaster, boat ride, etc) and when you’re back they’ll greet you "tadaima". I really love their working spirit because everyone is supposed to be happy in theme park (*^-^*) .

Here’s a super enthusiastic ossan entertaining his okyaku-san (‘’)

Guess everyone will have their favorites Disney characters. 
For me, it’s Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

So what’s yours?

That’s it for today. Jaa ne!


Friday, 27 July 2012

5 years ago and 5 years later

Konnichiwa minna, 
Hikari & Hikaru desu!

Travelling to Japan again has always been our dream and thanks to AirAsia, now everyone can fly!

After going through booking for the cheapest air fare, annoying visa application (seriously annoying especially when you’re applying in Melbourne for Malaysia passport), saving spending money (cook more at home XD). 
Finally we’re here, Tokyo Haneda International Airport!

Just when we reached the aiport, we have already acted like jakun and start taking picture.


Bought our monorail ticket and start heading to the place we stayed, called Yoyogi.

It’s already midnight when we reached there so there’s nothing interesting to talk about except that the midnight train does not look like midnight train at all!! It actually has quite lots of people in the train, almost equivalent to Melbourne Metro during peak hour!!

Oh and the host of the house fall asleep while waiting for our arrival (´> ω <). She was worried sick that we might get lost since we sort of arrived later than the expected time.

That’s it for today. Looking forward to post more!! \(゜∇゜)/

Note: Notice that the font sizes of the blog link keep enlarging? I got lazy wanna re-edit the smaller font into a bigger one XD

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let's start it!

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog,

Hikari and Hikaru desu!
If you're confused whether when to call Hikari or Hikaru, you can just call us Hii-chan (´~`)

Hesitated to open a blog at first. But at last, decided to open one to share some of our random stories. 
Our blog still looked dodgy and we hope we can improve it as time comes when we become more expert in playing around with Blogger XD.

Feel free to leave comments.

Will try our best to upload more often so please look forward for the next post. (=´∇`=)