Monday, 3 September 2012

I heart Harajuku

Hikari desu!

If you never been to Harajuku when you’re in Tokyo. It is equivalent to you’ve not been to Tokyo! LOL!! I’m joking. (w)

Anyways, today post will be a bit disappointing.

I know everyone will be so excited to know more about Harajuku, like what they have in Harajuku and what they sell.

But we did not take many photos because everyone is so busy SHOPPING that they forgot to take picture!!!! Σ(゜д゜|||)

One of the places that you must go when you’re in Harajuku is Takeshita Street.  
It’s a place where you can shop to YOUR HEART CONTENT!!! 
The street is just right in front of the Harajuku Station.

More shops = MOAR PEOPLE!!!

Japan stuff are always so expensive for us Malaysian due to the currency rate(YES, Ringgit dropped again, =___=). But the stuff they sell in Harajuku are affordable and at a reasonable price.

If you want to go shopping in Japan, it is recommended that you go during July-August period because they usually have massive SUMMER SALE around that time.

More view of Takeshita street

I’m sorry but I’m not very good in writing post about shopping, provided I have lack of pictures to show (most of the shops do not allow photo).

Some of the shops in Takeshita Street. You’ll find it if you walk along the street.
  •          Daiso: It’s a 100 yen shop (105 yen including tax). I visited the place everytime!!
  •          Matsumoto Kiyoshi: Your everyday make up need!! You can buy all sort of make up and fake eyelashes that they don’t sell it in Malaysia.
  •          Bodyline: Lolita fans should pay a visit to Bodyline. You have to go up the stairs but you can easily spot it. The picture above was taken from Bodyline shop. It’s opposite of Matsumoto Kiyoshi.
  •          390 yen shop: Quite hard to spot. It’s not along the street but you have to walk to alley. But there are staffs promoting their shop sign board at the street. Ask them, they’ll show you to their shop.
  •          Closet child: Selling second hand lolita, gothic and punk brand. Quite hard to spot. You have to go up the stairs.
  •          Liz Lisa: The overrated girly shop.
  •          Harajuku fashion shop (Wego, Jeansmate, Zenmall)

Along the street, there’s also this yummy crepe stall.

If you’re a Harajuku fan, you will want to pay a visit to Laforet. Laforet has most of the Harajuku brands that you saw in Japanese magazine (Kera, Zipper, etc).

But, be prepared to get all your money ripped off because the stuff there are shoooooo EXPENSIVE!! (for me)

It’s just a few walking distances from Takeshita Street.

They are having Panasonic’s earphone exhibition featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!! She is cute and super famous in Japan. You can see her face everywhere in Japan~~ (=´∇`=)

Okay let’s go explore what’s inside Laforet. You are not allowed to take picture inside the whole building.

But we curi curi take some pictures. Here’s a picture as a sneak peek. afdsfhgjhkhjkjlj Alice and the Pirates and Baby the Stars Shine Bright!!!!! (>ω<)

That’s it for today.

Sorry I’m really sucks at this post. Because Harajuku is too much fun that we forgot to take pictures. XDD

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