Thursday, 13 September 2012

Na~ Na~ Na~ Nameko

Hikari again!

Has anyone heard of Nameko?

When someone asked me, what Japanese cartoon character that I like and I said Nameko, people will be like…hmmmm WHAT’S THAT?!? (~―~)

Ok, Nameko is a type of mushroom but recently Nameko is made into a character and it’s quite popular in Japan when I went there. 

You can see Nameko everywhere!!

Wonder how’s Nameko looked like?

Here is it….
I bought this in Harajuku Kiddyland~* kawaii deshou?

Some people say it looks perverted LOL 彡`∀´)…. as in the FACIAL EXPRESSION!! Please don’t think negatively. XD

Nameko is actually an app for phone where you grow fungi and harvest them.

Here’s the PV for Nameko

They even have their own Nameko song! It was broadcasted in TV when we’re in Japan!

Nameko merchandises in the newly reopens Harajuku Kiddyland. 

I wish I can buy more but I’m too poor for that. 
Maybe next time. XD

I understand why some people never heard of Nameko, because I couldn’t find Nameko merchandise in Malaysia myself. (ノД`)

What’s your favourite Japanese cartoon character?

Ok, I’m off to bed now.

おやすみ! (-_-)zzz

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