Sunday, 9 September 2012

School bag and luggage photo shoot

Hikari desu,

It’s almost a week since my last post.

Life has been quite busy for me.

Few days before, I have a school bag/luggage photoshoot for Taiping Poly.

It’s for the company 2013 calendar.

It was quite fun since I can try lots of bag/luggage samples.

The bags/luggages are very pretty and colourful.

The first shooting was colourful Summit luggage with Pixie 

Note: All photos have not been cropped and edited by their designer. Hope I can get the editted version when they are finished. =DD

Tired of black luggage when you're travelling? The Summit luggages are so colourful and we were asked to dress up as Lolita for this shooting.

Lolita bags are always so small and it’s hard for me to carry all my stuff. The luggage bags look so candy and suitable for girls to travel around.  It also looks good even when you wanna travel as Lolita girl. (=´∇`=)

Lots of colour available. Luggages don't fall on me (>Д<;)

Second shooting was Haitop school bags for the coming back to school. 
Shooting with Vincenn and Norain.
There are so many pattern and design to choose from!! All of the them looked awesome~~ High schoolers are so lucky!! I especially like the pink one with heart shape that I’m holding (●´―`●). 

From the back view. It’s easy to recognize the person from the bag that they’re carrying!  XDD
My skirt looked so short (too much AKB 48 influence?). How I wish Malaysia will have checkered skirt as uniform ( TДT)

It’s really fun working with others (models XD)

With Pixie

With Vincenn (Norain not yet arrive when we are SSing TAT)

Some random crap, behind the scene shooting  (゜~゜)

Okay that's it for today. It's midnight now and I have important stuff to do tomorrow.

Till then...おやすみ!

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