Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shibuya~~!! ゝ(^O^)丿

Konnichiwa minna,

Hikari desu!

Sorry for not posting for ages. 

After some random posts.

I decided to blog back about Japan and it’s Shibuya today!!. (*^^*)

This post is practically almost similar with my Harajuku post because we did not take much picture since WE ARE SO BUSY SHOPPING!! (;°ロ°). To a certain point we even lost our camera man! XDD. Nah he run away half way to go shopping~~ =__+

I present you, the traffic junction (is this called traffic junction??) filled with most crossing pedestrians!!

The surrounding area (scenery?) from Shibuya Station (Hachiko Exit)

The famous Hachiko Statue. It was based on a true story where he waited loyally at Shibuya station for his master to return. His master got sick and died, hence never return to the station again. Hachiko waited at the station everyday and this continued for 9 years till he died.  (´;ω;`)

Nowadays, it has become a popular meeting spot.

Finally reached our destination!
Shibuya 109! It’s a MUST visit place if you’re a gyaru fashion lover~ (=´∇`=). Remember to bring enough money because you will feel like buying everything XDD.

You can tell from the building they are having 7 days SALE!!!

You couldn’t believe how was the inside atmosphere feel like. To be honest, it’s really noisy like pasar since they’re having SALE. All the leng lui retailers are promoting their own fashion brand!

Unfortunately, we did not take any picture inside the building since we’re so busy shopping and cameraman has run off to Shibuya 109 Men. (~―~)
This building only sells women’s clothing. If you’re looking for men’s clothing, you have to go to another nearby building called Shibuya 109 Men. XD

Yay! Friends meeting and purikura!

Later on, having yum yum lunch at someplace LOL (><). Sorry I don’t know what is the building called, but the whole building is all about FOOD!

To be honest, we did not have much time to explore more areas in Shibuya because we spent most of the day in Shibuya 109 LOL. (>Д<;)

Okay, see you next time!

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