Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day before AFA SG

Konnichiwa minna,

Hii-chan desu!

A quick update before AFA SG (Anime Festival Asia Singapore) which will be happening this coming Saturday! ≧∇≦ 楽しい!

Was busy preparing for AFA SG!

This ACG event will be Hii-chan FIRST TIME cosplaying instead of Lolita!(´―`)

Some of the few items prepared…
First CosCard
First time doing CosCard. Photo by Michael Ooi Photography.

Well it’s not actually CosCard since this is an original character. So let’s call it Facebook/Blogger card? ≧∇≦

Second will be character cosplay! (=>ω<)
In order not to fail or try last minute makeup, I try to practice on makeup that is more tebal XDD
Sad to say but I failed in the makeup. Doesn’t really look much different compared to my usual make up. =____=

Based on the wig, can you guess what character that I am cosplaying?

Cannot guess?

Why not I give you another hint, the last and the most important thing needed is COSTUME!
Can you guess it now? (゜~゜)

My costume finished last minute! So happy that it finished ON TIME! (´ε`)

This is my cosplan for AFA Day 1.
Day 2 will be Lolita!

Since this is last minute update, so pictures were taken using my crappy phone. I’m very sorry about the quality and lightning of the pictures. >__<

Anyways, Hikari will be seeing you guys on AFA Day 1 and Day 2(half day).

Do greet me if we bump into each other! (=´∇`=)  
That’s it for today.

More report will be coming soon during AFA SG.

See you guys there! (・∀・)(・∀・)

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