Tuesday, 13 November 2012

AFA SG 2012 day 2 (Stage event)

Good day minna,

Mirai Suenaga reporting! ≧∇≦ (tak tau malu) >O<

Today is the day where the cosplay festival takes place~!

Here’s Mirai’s coordination…

OPPPSSS ((((゜д゜;)))) ごめんなさい, WRONG one!! m( __ __ )m

This is how I actually hide myself from the hotel all the way to EXPO XD. Well doesn't actually hide at all. People still stare at you XDD

Here’s the correct Mirai Suenaga's coordination. Sorry that it’s not full body. I forgot to syok sendiri that day X33. It's my first cosplay >__<. I hope it looks ok (totally noob) (>Д<;)

Yosh! Off to the EXPO hall (ノ゜o)

Look at all the people~~~ @.@

OK since I bought the Festival + Stage ticket, let’s rock to the stage first!

Nnf nnf~~ Let’s start rocking the stage with FLOW!

Follow by

Then by AFA host, Danny Choo and Go Nakanishi, producer of the anime that are currently airing in Japan and Animax, K.

And the most awaiting moment arrive...
キタ━━━━()━━━━!! Kaname

Kaname with his hilarious “battou” (=´∇`=)

And finally K anime cosplay competition. Grand prize of the competition was a return ticket to Japan to attend the official K event. Σ(゜д゜|||). Jelly nyer~~!!! (´>ω<`)
The lucky winner falls to Neko cosplayer!! いいな (´~`)

Since, it’s an ACG event, cosplay competition will not be a miss.

AFA cosplay single competition!
All the cosplayers are selected by the AFA staff on that day!

Judges are….

\()/ ★☆★\()/ ★☆★\()/ ★☆★\()/ 

\()/ ★☆★\()/ ★☆★\()/ ★☆★\()/

And the first prize winner is Saber cosplayer from Philippines. Winner will be awarded $500 (´―`)

That’s it for the stage report.

Actually there are more stage events but we also wanna roam around the festival hall. ゝ(^O^)丿

Sorry for writing half report for Day 2. My laptop is not cooperating with me. Giving me all the lagging trouble. (>Д<;)

Festival event for AFA day 2 will be reported next time.

Till then…

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