Friday, 16 November 2012

AFA SG 2012 day 2 (Festival)

Tadaima minna,

Mirai Suenaga desu ≧∇≦

Continuation from the previous post.

Note: This post will be a bit lengthy due to spamming of photos XDDD

Let’s look what they have in the festival hall.

Guess what else I spotted…!!

Nameko gacha~~!!(˘⌣˘)

OK, since I cosplayed as Mirai-chan, let’s head to Danny Choo’s booth.

Nnf nnf~~ Mirai and Mirai itasha

Promoting promoting~~ ≧∇≦

Spotted another Mirai-chan in winter uniform~~ (^O^)丿
My face looked like pau! SO fat(;゜ロ゜)

And here comes the official AFA Mirai. (=゜ω゜)
KAWAII deshou! \(´―`)/

Mirai and fans frens~~!! Just like Barney and Friends~~ \(゜∇゜)/…LOL XD

Wahaha! Sampat Mirai with elegant Pixie 彡`∀´)

In the middle of 38ing…Suddenly a group of army cosplayers rushed to our side LOL ((((゜д゜;)))) *びっくり*

OK enough of my ciplak Mirai >A<, let’s roam around to find more cosplayers

Guess who I saw~~~

Toma from Amnesia!!!!! (*´д`*). But Ikki is no where to be found T^T

MOAR cosplay~~~…(ノ゜o゜)ノ

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

Not sure what character is this but kyute! (゜∇゜)

 Pika~ pika~!!


 My first and the most favourite online game ALL TIME<3 <3 High priest from Ragnarok! Last time, my character was high priest too! =D

 Sword Art Online..super famous anime but I didn't watch it =ppp

 One piece

Tetsuya and Tetsuya no.2 X333

 Random character I met at the Toyota booth. X33

There are more photos but I didn't upload all of them. If I upload all, you'll be scrolling forever!! Wahaha Ψ(`∇´)Ψ

Lastly, met an old friend of mine, Kiyomi, one of the maids from MOE MOE KYUN!
She is as pretty as always~~~ (●´―`●)

Did not get the chance to meet and take pictures with Danny Choo or any other celebrity cosplayers.(´;ω;`)

Only saw Kaname, Judy and Akatsuki in their respective photoshoot session. However, in order to get the chance to take picture with them, you have to buy products/anime merchandises to a certain value. 

Here's their respective photo session.


Akatsuki and Judy
Sorry for covering the fans face. She might get mad if she saw I uploaded her picture in a blog. Honto ni gomenasai m( __ __ )m

Anyways, super jelly those fans who got to take picture with them. 

I tarak that much money, not to's all in Singapore dollar. /run to a corner and cry (ノД`)

OK, that’s conclude for day 2 AFA!

Stay tune for the final day (Day 3) of AFA SG!


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