Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's here Ragnarok 2!!

Hello minna,

Hii-chan desu,

Sorry for disappearing for such a long time.

Life seems to be always busy XD.

Anyways, fans of Ragnarok, after a few years of waiting....the awaited moment is finally here...

Ragnarok 2!!

And here's a short video of the game

As a fan of Ragnarok, this game is a MUST play game.

Here's their official webiste, click here

They just launched Closed Beta (CBT) and today (12th Dec) is the final day for Closed Beta. Not sure when will be the date for Open Beta (OBT).
I played few days during CBT and I chose acolyte as my character since supportive character is the only character that I can sort of play well in any online game. (>Д<;). I tried others attacking characters but am suck in it.

However, it seems like aco/priest are more useless in this game. Need party for leveling if not, it will take you forever to kill a monster. Previously in RO, aco/priest is able to solo by healing undead. Not sure it is applicable for this game or not since I'm still noob in RO2 and I hope it can! =D

So far, the game is ok with very nice graphic and the music was not bad either (still prefer RO's music).
One thing that I dislike is that the game is Free To Play (F2P). Not sure why though but F2P games usually don't last long for me.

Unlike RO, it has quests like any other usual online games, no more Novice system, added in Life Job (sort of  interesting one! (゜~゜))

For the character design, the boy character is not bad with lots of cool hairstyle. However, for the girl character, it feels like all the hairstyle looked 'so so' to me. (-_-)

The game system is totally different with RO and is more similar to any other online games these days. But, it's useless to compare, we'll see how it goes and hope this game will be getting better and better. ≧∇≦

For more information regarding to job and game system, refer to this page

That's it for today and happy playing!! ゝ(^O^)丿

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