Wednesday, 1 May 2013

AKB0048 Mic DIY part 2

Konnichiwa minna,

It's Labour Day today!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! (´~`)

Continuation from the previous post.

I have made another mic. The size and the shape of the mic is VERY DIFFERENT compared to the previous one. OTL  (╥_╥)

Since the mic from AKB0048 looked rather thin compared with my first mic. I tried to slim it down but the second one looked TOOOO THIN. @.@

Nevertheless, I'll still go through my DIY process.

What u need to do at first is to measure your cardboard. The measurement really depends on how you want your mic to be shaped like.

I used 8cm and 12cm width. For the height is roughly 15cm. 

After that, cut them out and make a cylinder roll. Glue them together and you should get something like this. This will be the handle for the mic.

Draw a curve shape for the top part of the mic (need 2 of these cut out). I used 3cm for the width and for the length was around 15cm.

Cut them out, roll them into cylindrical shape and glue them together. 

You'll get something like this (2 of these).

Glue the top part of the mic with the handle.

After that, glue the second cylinder on the top part of the first cylinder.

You'll get something like this.

After this, you'll need to make a strip and glue it in between the head of the mic.

Since my mic is very uneven OTL, I used hot glue to stick the strip.

Lastly, cut a circle and glue it to the head of the mic. I used hot glue for this as well. XD

And TADAAAAA!!! It's done!!

This one definitely looked FAILED compared to the previous one. But the process is roughly something like this. You just need to have a suitable measurement. Maybe my measurement was way too OFF.

Honto ni gomennasai!! m(_ _)m

After that you can start coloring or spraying your mic.

I hope that it helps LOL. 

That's it for today! 

Bye Bye!  \(^ ^)/

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