Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Springtime Lolita Tea Party


Hikari desu!

This post was about springtime gathering. Guess now it doesn't count as spring anymore LOL. OTL

Summer is on its way~~<3

Not that it made much difference in Malaysia since it's always summer here for 365 days. =___=

We finally have another gathering after the last one which was during Halloween.

This time the gathering was held at Pastis Cafe, The Gardens shopping mall.

The food there was alright but the taste is not worth the price. A little pricy (for a cheapskate like me XDD) for the 'alright' taste. However, the service was good! The staffs are friendly and nice.

I ordered a half chicken dish (cannot remember the name of the dish). Gomen m( __ __ )m

Didn't upload much photos because I rushed to the gathering after work and I was super super tired. ~o~

The tea party this time is better because lots of kawaii girls attended to the gathering making it livelier ヽ(´―`)ノ

This time some of the boys also attended for the gathering. Picture of them was not taken because they are the photographer for the picture above LOL. Ψ(`∇´)Ψ

As usual, gathering is all about taking pictures and syok sendiri~~!

The 'idol' group wannabe~~~ XDDD

More syok sendiri moments

With so many lovely girls around, purikura is a MUST!! (´~`)

We even trolled during purikura session.

Our imitation of the purikura models were such a BIG FAILURE. OTL (´;ω;`). They're too pretty to imitate~~!!

JANG JANG!! Here's our kawaii purikura photo!!

Last picture for today's post.

LOLITA in action~~

Don't mess with LOLITA!!! (;゜ロ゜)

OK that's it for today.

Oyasumi! (-_-)zzz


  1. You are all so pretty! *O* Haha I love the last picture. :D

  2. Hello Kiki!

    Nice to meet you (=´∇`=)

    Haha thanks! Last picture was really random. We were waiting for our turn for purikura LOL!