Tuesday, 16 April 2013

AKB0048 Mic DIY part 1

Tadaima minna~~!!

Hii-chan is back to the net world!!

My first post after my disappearance would be DIY.

Life seems to have been less hectic and recently, there's not much ACG events going on. So, might as well lift up my otaku spirit and make some props. (゜~゜)

My DIY item today will be microphone from AKB0048 anime. Though, I'm not a big fan of AKB48, the anime was actually quite nice!! Sad to know that it has come to an end for the second season. (´Д⊂

So here how's the mic looked like in anime.

Thanks to my sensei I was able to make the mic without any trial and error LOL. m( __ __ )m

She posted the tutorial for the mic and life is easier for me XDD

So this is how my mic looked like...

A closer view

The handle looked crook and uneven since I substituted craft foam with cardboard LOL. (*゜―゜)

Compared to the anime, my mic definitely look fatter and shorter. =__+

Sorry for not posting any details and process of my mic-making. I will make another mic next time and I'll make sure to post the details as well.

So after everything is done. Here comes the coloring part! Bought the paint today! Painting part will be covered next time in my upcoming post.

Will post the picture of my completed mic together with my mic-making process next time. 

If anyone is interested in making the mic, you can refer to my sensei post here. It's a quite detailed tutorial (=´∇`=)

Till then...


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