Monday, 30 July 2012

Tokyo Disneyland!

Hello everyone,

Hikari desu!

One place that you should visit when you’re in Tokyo is Tokyo Disneyland!

Bought our one day entrance ticket for 6200 (it’s a bit pricy but it’s totally worth the money) (=´∇`=).

They’re having an event called Easter Wonderland when we visited Tokyo Disneyland. So, most of the decorations are Easter themed.  I’m not sure why it’s still Easter in June even though Easter has long passed.

In my opinion, Tokyo Disneyland is much better than Hong Kong Disneyland due to a few reasons (can’t compare with other Disneyland since I have never been there (>w<)!!)
      1. Both Disneyland has awesome Disney shows but Tokyo has more Disney characters that you can’t find in Hong Kong (well yes for me when I was visiting HK Disneyland few years ago, not sure bout now). Guess most of you guys has totally forgot bout these guys.

2. The best thing in Disneyland is their magical and awesome parade!! Tokyo Disneyland has 3 parades per days!!!!

Look at Woody in those kawaii bunny ears!! (‘’)

3.Super polite, friendly and enthusiastic workers! I notice worker in theme park usually has this “muka hitam” aura because I know working in the theme park is tiring especially during hot sunny day, noisy and crowded with people. However, they always put on a smile on their face and ready to serve you. For example, they’ll wish you "itterashai" when you’re leaving them for the ride (eg. roller coaster, boat ride, etc) and when you’re back they’ll greet you "tadaima". I really love their working spirit because everyone is supposed to be happy in theme park (*^-^*) .

Here’s a super enthusiastic ossan entertaining his okyaku-san (‘’)

Guess everyone will have their favorites Disney characters. 
For me, it’s Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

So what’s yours?

That’s it for today. Jaa ne!


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