Sunday, 8 June 2014


Konnichiwa minna,

Hiichan desu!

Sorry for not updating! Was really busy these few days as my exam is coming soon.

Went to Rose Festival during the spring season at Kyu-Furukawa Garden(<---backlog, I know it's the beginning of summer now XDD).

For those who got watch the anime called Umineko no Naku Koro ni might recognized this location. The setting of the anime was based on this place. (=゜ω゜)ノ

But hey~ Today is the last day of the rose event. It's not really that backlog~~ Hahaha XDD

Photos of various roses. 
Each roses has their own information plate (name, species and also whether it has fragrance/smell). 

Sorry for bad qualities, those photos were taken from my crappy phone and the sun was super bright that day! (´;ω;`)

Further inside the garden is a Japanese style garden.

I think it will look extremely beautiful during the autumn with all the red leaves (*´д`*)

Look at the amount of people!!

It was really hard to move around and took picture~~ >A<

So, only one picture of me which had less photobomb if you counted that gardener out ≧∇≦

Wearing dress that matches up with the roses LOL X3333

Ok, gonna stop for today!

Gonna back to my studying. Has been sleeping the whole day due to the the rainy season.

It's rainy season now here in Tokyo and today is the 4th day of the rainy days (NO, the rain DOES NOT STOP falling at all during these 4 days = 96 hours). OTL

Till then....

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