Sunday, 18 May 2014

Kodomo no Hi x Tokyo Tower

Konbanwa minna!

Was really busy last week, so don't have time to update (having test everyday! Japanese are spartan LOL (>Д<;)).

Kodomo no Hi (children's days) was one of the holiday during golden week.

During Children's' Day, the Japanese will usually hang flying koi fish.

In the celebration of Children's Day, Tokyo Tower has hanged around 300 koi fish! It's my first time seeing this too! *excited excited*≧∇≦

Actually Children's Day was more like boys' day, though it says children days. Girls' day was during March.

During Children's Day, they will hang on koi fish hoping that each boy in the family will grow up healthy and strong.  

Night view of the fish XDD

Also some random shots of Tokyo Tower. (*´д`*)
Didn't go up to the observation tower, since I had been up there before LOL ( ̄。 ̄)

And they were having some car shows over there at the same time. Gomen, I'm not good with cars (>Д<;)

 This looked exactly like Cars animation movie LOL!!

Another special thing during Golden Week is this.....


The lightning of the Tokyo Tower~~!!  (=>ω<)ノ <3

Normally, Tokyo Tower is always red/orange light. However, during Golden Week, they lighted up a special color. It's my first time seeing a different light from Tokyo Tower. ヽ(´―`)ノ

The Tower's light was also different when President Obama visited Japan during April. It was only for 2 days with the flag's color of the US. Unfortunately, I couldn't take picture during that time because it was weekdays and I have class the next day. To view the photo, click here.

Okay that's it for today~

See you next time!


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