Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hanami 2014


It's April now and April reminds you of spring \(^o^)/

The best event to do during spring in Japan is sakura viewing~<3

This is the first time for me to view sakura *excited excited* (=´∇`=)

Hanami at Meguro river. They are superrr pretty~!

Spotted 2 kawaii shiba inus all dressing up. Owner-san even put on blush for her. So kyuute (*^^*)

Shiba inu and sakura. Photo taken by friend. (・∀・)

Ueno park is another popular spot for Hanami where you can enjoy picnic under the beautiful sakura tree.

Spotted a pink sakura tree that are not white ゝ(^O^)丿

A lot of people has the thought that sakura are pink. Actually, most of the sakura tree here is white in color. However,  when all of them bloom together, it sort of look little pinkish XDD

Thats it for today. Most of all the sakura has fallen already! Hope to see them again next year~  ≧∨≦

Bye bye~

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