Monday, 24 March 2014

Departing to Japan

Hello everyone~

Sorry for not posting for ages. This is my first time posting using mobile, hope it doesn't turn out weird *testing testing* XDD 
NOTE: Editing back using pc. Mobile really does turn out weird =___=.

I have been busy this few months preparing my stuff for Japan! (*_*)

I will be going to Japan to study Japanese language for a while. ≧∨≦

Will update regularly about my life in Japan. (Haven't even finish blogging my 2 trips to Japan last  year OTL)  ごめん(>_<)

 I think I will miss Malaysia badly, especially the food and the weather (ノД`)

Cannot believe I have been packing for 2 weeks and I'm still not finish yet.  (-_-;)

See you next time!

Will start blogging about Japan next time ≧∇≦  

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