Sunday, 28 October 2012

Taiping Anime/Cosplay Event

Good day!

Hikari desu!

On Saturday, I attended Taiping’s first anime/cosplay event.

It was quite surprising (in a GOOD way (=´∇`=)) for Taiping to organize such event because Taiping is a small and peaceful town. Mostly only aunty/uncle stay there as well as small kids. Hahaha X333.

This time Loli coordination. JSK from Bodyline.

The event starts from 10.30am to 9.30pm.

We arrived quite late around 4pm++ >__<

At first, I was quite nervous wondering will anyone wearing Loli or cosplaying.

But it was not bad, there were some people cosplaying and there were quite lots of people attending since it’s a FREE entrance (=´∇`=).

However, Pixie and me are the only Lolita girl there! XD

The activities there were not bad.

They have band singing Bleach song. Can’t remember the song name. XD

They also have maid competition (self intro and talent show).
All the maids look kawaii desu ne!(●´―`●)

We came late and did not stay for too long so we missed out some of the activities.

Manage to take picture with a group of cosplayers. 
Sorry I don’t know what characters are those. m( __ __ )m 
One of them is Gakupo??

Most of the time, we were asked to take picture with fans people attending the event. (゜~゜)

The most LOL thing is when we are loitering at the place; suddenly we got caught by the camera shop person to help promoting her photos (o). But tarak free photograph for us (-_-)

Lastly, picture with my bestie 38 gangs <3 (´―`)

I guess that’s it for my report on Taiping first anime event. I wish there are more event like this in Taiping. 

Hope Taiping can be a more active town in the coming future! (=゜ω゜)ノ

Note: During the whole time, all the aunties and uncles are staring at me like CRAZY as if I am some kind of monster from other planet LOL XDDD

Yesh yesh, I am STARING BACK at you~~~~ (゜――゜)

Okay, oyasumi minna (´―`)

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