Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sorry and Birthday。。。

Hii-chan desu (Hikari & Hikaru)

First of all, honto ni gomenasai for not updating my blog like forever!

A lot of things happened in my life this few days (mostly are BAD ones) (´;ω;`)

It was a really painful process to overcome all the troubles (including tears shedding, stress, countless insomnia and headache).

But during this whole time, I received lots of support from my family, relatives and friends. They helped and cheered me a lot. ありがとう!(´ε`)

Nonetheless, I did not regret in the past days. It was fun and nice before all the troubles/problems arise. (;´д⊂)

Just like what people said, take it as a lesson. You grow everytime you hurt. After the rain, you’ll see the rainbow rite!

Talking about this reminded me of a manga called ‘Clear up after rain’ (Ame Nochi Hare) by Bikke. It’s a lovely manga, highly recommended. (*^-^*). However, the story line does not come any similar with my above complaint story. >__<

Okay enough of all the babbling and negative stuff! Once bad thing ends, good thing will eventually comes.

Fufu, it’s the month of October and it’s CAKE CELEBRATION month!! ≧∇≦

On the day of Hii-chan’s birthday, instead of having SWEET cake every year. I got a savoury cake instead. Guess what it is….?

PIZZA desu!!(^⌣^)

Fufu, later I have my re-celebration again! (゜∇゜)

A duo celebration with 2 Libras

Making wishes. Hope my wishes will come true! (=´∇`=)

After that, cutting the cake damn seriously! Until….

a few seconds later, I GIVE UP! XD I don’t know how to cut a perfect cake LOL (>Д<;)

Last one, both Hikari and Hikaru in the same outfit XD

I hope I can update more frequent. I will try my best!


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