Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hokkaido: Otaru

Good day everyone.

Haven't been updating for ages.
Just finished my school exam. Everything seems good so far.(゜∇゜)

It's getting cooler here in Tokyo, guess autumn is here already~! Goodbye summer (ノД`). I really enjoyed myself during summer~ Hope autumn will be good to me too! Hahaha XDDD
OK let's continue with Hokkaido post!
Went to Otaru as well during my stay in Hokkaido.(・∀・)

View of Otaru~

Some of the views above were taken when riding rickshaw. Thanks to Inu-san (<---I can't read all the Kanji on his name tag. There's an Inu kanji there so he said he was fine with that! ごめん~ My kanji is too bad) (ノД`)

Otaru also has lots of interesting crafts such as glass and music boxes.

Hokkaido is also well known for marimo (moss ball) but I don't think the shop sells any real marimo, replica perhaps?. The real marimo is a protected species in Japan at Lake Akan.

There is also an English guide on how to take care of your marimo.

That's it for today. I got so much backlogs of pictures!!!
Need to work harder!
Good night~

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