Friday, 4 July 2014

Hakusan Shrine, Hydrangea and Todai

Hello minna!!

Hiichan desu~

I am finally back from my Hokkaido trip~ ≧∇≦

It was super fun, ate a lot, drink a lot and play a lot!

Before posting anything related to Hokkaido (need time to sort out the photos XDD), I've done a short journey by myself at Tokyo (Bunkyo area) during the holiday.

It's rainy season now in Tokyo (YES! Rain everyday and non-stop!!).

The best thing to enjoy during this season was hydrangea (ajisai) viewing. The flowers bloom beautifully during this season. (*´д`*)

Was really reluctant to go at first due to the RAIN!!! ヽ(`д´)ノ. But decided to go since it was last day for flower viewing before all of them get pruned.(;゜ロ゜)

Still decided to wear flora dress though it was a little chill due to the rain. Sorry phone sucks! OTL

One of the places that was easily accessible in Tokyo for hydrangea viewing was Hakusan Shrine. Entrance was free! You don't need to pay! BANZAI~~!!! ヽ(´―`)ノ

From what I know, the shrine was really famous for god to tooth. Those who has any tooth problem can come and pray over here. Those who don't have any tooth problem can also pray for no problem (your tooth). Hahahaha XDDD

The shrine was planted with 3000+ hydrangea flowers. 
Usually during every mid June of the year, Ajisai Festival will be held here. I've totally missed out this year because I was having exam during that time (´;ω;`)

Pictures~~!!! They looked incredibly pretty after the rain. (Lucky the rain stopped, when I arrive there)   \(^o^)/

Even the park behind the shrine was full bloomed with hydrangea.

Okieeee after all the lovely flower viewing, let's move on to the Japan's most prestigious university, The University of Tokyo (Todai for short). 

Sorry most of the photos were taken using phone. I'm too shy to take them using my camera since those uni students might think I am weird XDD.

Overall, the university has a lot of Western-styled buildings. I don't even think I was in Japan. AND YES!!!! I really wanna study in this university!!!! The environment and those Western buildings are juuuuussssttt toooo perfect~~!! 

But it was TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me LOL. Maybe I need reborn 10 times in order to get into this university. ((((゜д゜;))))

Rugby match during the weekend. What I saw was a group of genius students!!! @A@

One of the landmarks that makes you think you're still in Japan is Akamon (the red gate). X333

Overall, it turned out to be a good day. It was fun walking around Bunkyo area. Was quiet and chilly after the rain. Maybe I might do more self journey next time (=゜ω゜)ノ

However, one bad thing about self journey was.....NO ONE is gonna take picture for you!!!!

So, here's a little selfie of mine with hydrangea XDDD

Okieee see you next time.

My holiday is coming to an end TAT. Gonna start school this Monday *cries in a corner* (ノД`)

Till then....


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