Saturday, 11 January 2014

Nagi no Asukara! Feeeelsss~~

Hello minna,

I'm back from disappearing again.

Just a quick one, have anybody watched the anime called Nagi no Asukara?

If not yet, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to watch this anime. Currently, it was one of my favourite anime. The story was about people who live in the sea and surface (land) people. (・∀・)

The anime has AWESOME artworks and INTERESTING story line that will make your heart go fuwa fuwa (fuzzy feelings). (*´д`*)

Here are some of the artworks. A little MOE in characters (not a big fan of MOE) but the storyline....toooo muchhh feeeels. My kokoro.......(ノД`)

The anime has 26 episodes and is still airing. The songs were awesome too! 

First opening song

Second opening song

Be sure to check this out!!!! (*^-^*)

Will blog about my feeeeeels trip shoot for Nagi no Asukara next time~~

Till then...XDD

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