Thursday, 14 February 2013

Chocolate day!

Good day everyone!

Love is in the air and hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine day.

Valentine day is always a chocolate eating day for me. It is also a day where you can grow fat.

Here are some of my choco collection (lazy to take picture of the rest, just get whatever that's available from my pc XD)

Lindt creation dessert.

Lindt Lindola (assorted chocolates).

Super yummy Kit Kat from Japan

And recently, a chocolate that I always wanted to eat….Godiva~~<3

I usually prefer chocolates that are not too sweet. Dark chocolates is the best choice for me..bittersweet XD.

Have you received your chocolates yet?

It’s not only Valentine day that you should give/receive chocolates. You can always give them all year round!

Wish everyone has an enjoyable and sweet Valentine with your loved ones (family, couples, friends or your pets). 


Hii-chan <3

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